Meet Our Team


Ciera Carpenter-Boyle

Founder + President

Ciera is not only our president, but she also founded this guild. While in high school, volunteering was an integral part of her life. She spent her time volunteering in a litany of different ways. After high school, she lost touch with the part of herself that enjoyed spending her time helping others. It wasn’t until several years later after moving to Seattle and learning about Seattle Children’s Hospital and Strong Against Cancer did she reconnect with that part of herself. Something clicked back into place and she felt inspired and determined to help in whatever capacity she could.

“Supporting Strong Against Cancer was such an easy decision for me because I’ve lost several close family members to cancer. Seeing the pain they endured was hard to watch so the thought of young children having to endure the same pain is a horrifying thought. Starting the Even You Guild presented me with the ability to give back to such an incredible cause in a way that was impactful and meaningful. It allowed me to bring together likeminded individuals to rally around something that was not only close to my heart, but also was doing something so powerful and amazing for children everywhere.”


Anna Moore

Vice President

Anna Moore is our Vice President. She joined because she has always had a passion for helping others, especially when it comes to children. Seattle Children’s Hospital along with the staff, patients and their families, inspire her and she feels blessed to be able to give back to such a noble cause.

“EYG gives me the opportunity to become more involved in my community and meet people that share similar interests as me all while having fun doing it.”

Sydney Madrazo


Sydney is one of our treasurers. She joined this guild because of our president, Ciera. Her passion for this guild and helping others was contagious and it helped her remember how important it is to volunteer her time to causes greater than herself. 

“I grew up in Butte, MT and there, my parents taught me the importance of giving back to my community. I spent my springs planting trees in the community with my family and friends. When I got my first job, it was at a Habitat for Humanity office. In college I was fortunate enough to join a sorority that chose Autism Speaks as its philanthropy. Every year we got to learn about our philanthropy, fundraise, and see that what we did made a difference. Through this guild I hope to make connections with like-minded people and eventually create a career out of helping others.”

After college, I worked as a nanny and that is where I fell in love with working with children. The two girls I spent time with ended up becoming huge components in my every day life. Although I don’t see them as much anymore, I value every chance I get to see them grow into two amazing kiddos. 

When Ciera told me about her guild, I was instantly drawn to the idea because I could help kids that didn’t have the same life as the two lucky girls I nannied. I am proud to know that what we are doing here will help with research so that more kids can grow into little amazing humans and eventually amazing adults.”


Alyssa Wall


Alyssa Wall is our other treasurer. She decided to join EYG because she was looking for a way to give back to her community.

“Being apart of this guild that is raising money for Strong Against Cancer gives me a sense of purpose to make any difference in this world that I can. I did a ton of volunteering and community service projects throughout High School and College so I am very excited to get back to doing that in my adult/professional life!” 

Allison Regan


Allie is our secretary. She joined EYG because she has a desire to increase health and wellness in her community, particularly for kiddos. She has volunteered in various areas, but has not done work in healthcare specifically; so she’s am thrilled by this opportunity to raise money and awareness for Seattle Children’s Hospital.